Video Notes: Watercolor Pumpkins

Here is an explanation of the methods I used for my “watercolor” painting.Also see:

Dani’s Videos#5: Watercolor Pumpkins – The video of this painting

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I started by texturing my background using the bevel/emboss tool. I used the “Wax Crayon on Sketch Pad” texture, which can be found in the Artist Surfaces pattern library.

Putting the texture down on my paper

The line I used is a scanned pen and ink drawing. It is on a separate layer, set to Multiply. The rest of the painting will be painted on the layer underneath it. I first used a quick mask to “frisket” my pumpkins.

Using a quick mask

After creating my mask, I went back into Standard Mode and started painting in my background with a wash.

Laying down a wash in the background

With my background painted in, I proceeded to paint my pumpkins.

Painting the pumpkins

When I was near finished, I went back and put in some highlights using the eraser tool.

Closeup of the finished painting


The finished watercolor painting