A Gift For You

I started up this blog so I could readily share my knowledge and also learn from other artists along the way. My biggest challenge so far, besides coming up with some worthwhile posts to share, is getting the word out. So I’ve come up with an idea that might help me in that regard. Many of you illustrators, fine artists, designers, animators, students, and hobbyists have your own blogs and websites. If you help me out by linking this site on your webspace, I have a free gift to give you.

Here’s the Deal…

I recently finished this cute little painting of Santa. In the spirit of sharing and learning, I’ve put together a “kit” that helps you to understand more of the process behind this painting. Included is a fully-layered Photoshop file that you can analyze at your leisure, along with a full text explanation and a high-res jpeg of the image.

How to Claim

It’s quite simple. Just put up a link to DaniDraws.com or one of its posts on your website, email me the link to your page at contact@DaniDraws.com, then I will email you a link to the Santa files for you to download.

Hopefully, this will also give me a chance to see what kinds of work my readers are creating. I can’t wait to see what’s out there!

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy this site.


Note: You will need Adobe Photoshop to view the file. The painting was created in Photoshop CS, and although I believe it will work in previous versions, I cannot confirm or guarantee it. Also, I will not share your email address with anyone, send you junk mail, or any other unpleasantness.