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Get the Most Out of Your Line Drawing

Before I went to college, the only digital art I produced were little scribbles I made with my mouse in Microsoft Paint. Then, in my second semester, I took a little class called “Introduction to Computer Imaging” where I was first introduced to Photoshop. One of the first things I learned in that class was how to scan and color a drawing. I was absolutely fascinated with the idea of being able to put my drawing on its own layer and be able to color it without worrying about ruining it.

My drawings are still an integral part of my digital paintings. Whether it is a clean ink line or a rough sketch, it can be an important tool and a deciding factor in the overall look of your painting. Here’s some tips on how to prepare and use your drawing when painting in Photoshop.

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Have a great holiday everyone. Eat lots of food.

As an extra bonus, I’ve made a video of this illustration. It’s on a new website I made where I will be posting more stuff like this in the future. There’s not much there yet, but be sure to bookmark it for the future.

Find the video here.

Mister Grim Goes to War

I was browsing the net and discovered that my grim reaper character that I posted to Mojizu was selected for their “Moji War” competition. Mojizu is a website that is dedicated to character design. If you’ve never seen it, be sure to give it a visit.

Voting Day has come and gone, but if you feel so inclined, stop by and vote for Mr. Grim here.

And while you’re there, vote for MikeLaughead’s too.

Real Paint!

I have been working digitally a lot lately. One exception is this piece. I decided to paint it because it needed to be BIG, and my computer just couldn’t handle it as nicely as I wanted. It was a nice excuse to break out the paint, anyway.

Here is some detail shots that highlight my traditional process.

The original drawing…

A block-in, done in gouache…

Finished with oil and colored pencil on top…