Monthly Archives: September 2006

Blog Birthday

Today is the one year anniversary of my first post on this blog. Interestingly enough, it was of this birthday illustration. How appropriate…

Elfis Released!

My first book I’ve illustrated, Elfis, came out today. In honor of the occasion, here’s some various sketches I did for the project. Some of them are quite rough and silly, and they were fun to go back and look at.

Recycled Monsters

I found this “recycled sketchbook” at Wal-Mart the other day in the craft section. I drew these in it last night. It was pretty fun to draw on the brown paper. The color is done in gouache. My sister named the one on the right. He looks like a “Murray”, doesn’t he?

Website Update

I recently finished redesigning my main portfolio site. There’s new artwork, and hopefully it’s a whole lot nicer looking. :)