Monthly Archives: June 2006


Here’s my IF for the week. Here’s the process also (all done in Photoshop):

The initial drawing:

The block-in with some texture:

A few more details added:

Hey, look what I found!

This is my first book that I have illustrated. I just saw that you can pre-order it on Amazon, and it has a nice picture of the cover. It was pretty cool, since I had never seen it with all the type and stuff before.

Take a look at it here: Elfis


My poor cat died this past week, so this post is for him. He was old and has been sick for the past couple weeks, and he never really was all that healthy (After all, he only had one normally functioning eye…).


I did this illustration while I was in college. It was used as a poster for the Idaho International Dance Festival this year. It went along with the Illustration Friday theme, so I thought I would post it. I might come up with something specifically for IF later this week, but I thought this might be fun for now. In addition, I’ve added some of the process that went along with it…

Here’s the sketch that originally inspired the poster…

Here’s the drawing I used for the final painting…

And here’s some of the value and color comps I did…

This is the final painting in progress…