Not the End for the Little Women GN!

My Kickstarter campaign for my Little Women project ended over the weekend. Unfortunately, it did not reach it’s funding goal. The final total pledges was $5325 of $6000 – VERY close! Thank you to everyone who helped out.

Here are my final thoughts about the KS campaign and where the project is now headed:

You know those sports movies where they have you rooting for this underdog team throughout the whole two hours worth of film, only to have the team lose the big championship game in the end? But then, usually with lots of tears and smiles and heartwarming gestures, the crowd stands up and cheers. Or the winner shakes hands and tells you, good job. Or the team lifts the stalwart hero up on their shoulders and carries them around the stadium, and you don’t feel like you’ve lost at all. That’s kinda what I feel like right now.

Yes, I am disappointed that the Kickstarter did not reach its funding goal, but I said from the very beginning that this project did not live or die with the Kickstarter campaign. It would have been fun to print a book, but alas it probably won’t happen. At least not in the immediate future.

However, I am amazed we got as far as we did. A week ago, we were just barely over 50% funded, but we ended with a strong 89%. The final total was $5325 worth of pledges out of a $6000 goal. A ton of new backers came through in the last few days and hours. This was in large part due to so many of you promoting the heck out this project; I could not have done it alone, so thank you.

Am I Going to Run Another Kickstarter Campaign?

Several people have suggested that I run another campaign, either on Kickstarter or on another crowdfunding site. We were, after all, SO CLOSE to reaching goal.

However, for the time being the answer to this question is no. My main end goal for this project is to find a publisher, not to self-publish a book. So, I’m going to switch gears and promote the project behind the scenes for a little while and see where it takes me. If things stall on that front, but I am able to finish a good amount of content, I’ll revisit the idea of self-publishing a book and a new Kickstarter project, with all the experience and feedback I’ve gained from this first campaign.

Will I Continue with the Little Women Graphic Novel?

Have no fear, this project is far from over. I am going to continue to post updates online. I highly recommend you keep track of my main website and blog at for future news. All further artwork will be posted specifically at Please visit and share this page to support the project and keep it going.

Bonuses for Backers!

There were 188 people who backed this project. Even though it didn’t fund, I am grateful to each and every one of you for your willingness to put down money for my project, especially in such a hard economic climate.

As a thank-you, I will continue to post exclusive backer-only updates on the Kickstarter page. As the project moves forward, you will be the first to know about any news, books, or progress concerning my Little Women book.

Final Request

I’ve received a lot of comments, tweets, messages, and emails lamenting the failure of this Kickstarter. There’s lots of sorrys and advice and even anger. PLEASE remember, I don’t think of this as a failure. Rather than analyze why it failed, I’d prefer to move on.

If you really believe in this project, the best thing you can do is be there as the project moves forward. Share my page at Retweet/like/favorite new artwork when I post it. Pledge to any future campaigns I may run. And when the book is finally published, I hope you will be the first in line to buy it.

Thank you all.