Last Push for the Little Women Kickstarter!

Here is ONE MORE REMINDER to pledge to my Little Women Graphic Novel Kickstarter campaign! The funding closes on Sunday morning. I still have not reached my minimum goal, which means it is still up in the air whether or not I will receive the funds and be able to self-print my own book. If you enjoy my work and you can contribute, even just a dollar or two, please consider making a pledge today.

If you’ve already pledged, you can still raise your amount if you so choose. I’ve added some extra incentives to the original art rewards in my last push towards getting this funded (see the top of the Kickstarter page for details).


I greatly appreciate everyone who has pledged and has helped spread the word about the project all over the internets. Whether The KS gets funded or not, this has been an overall positive experience and I’ve enjoyed getting to connect with you all over my love of this classic story.

All the best,

One thought on “Last Push for the Little Women Kickstarter!

  1. Debbie Sweren

    Hi Dani,
    So sorry the funding did not come through for this project. There are probably several Kickstarters that did not get funding their first time out. Don’t give up. You have a wonderful project in Little Women. Your passion for the story comes through all of your drawings. Marmee and the girls would not give up and I am sure you will come back fighting too. Cheers to moving forward.

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