A Sketch, a Video, and an Art Supply Review

Here is an ink and watercolor sketch I made of my comic character Frosty the Gourdman. I recorded the making of the entire sketch and made some comments about my process. You can view the video here:


If you would like to hang this painting up on your wall, I have the original up for sale in my store here.

I used this sketch to try out and review some art supplies I received from Pentel. Overall, I was very happy with them!

Here’s an overview and links to some of the supplies featured in the video:

Pocket Brush Pen

The Pentel pocket brush pen is one of my favorite art pens I’ve ever used. It has a genuine brush tip of synthetic bristles (not those cheesy foam tips you see on other “brush” pens). The ink runs smoothly and uses nice dark, waterproof ink. It is a very handy tool that provides a huge variety in your linework.

Hybrid Technica Pens

These smooth, black liner pens created very nice fine lines. I used them to draw some of the finer details in my drawing.


I liked the variety of colors included in this set. The selection includes many colors I actually use (versus other large sets that fill their boxes with neon greens or pinks I never need). For an average-grade set, I was pleased with the brightness of the colors and how well they glazed.

Aquash Water Brush

I love water brushes! I use them all the time. The handle holds water, which you can squeeze out while you’re painting to quickly thin down or blend the paint.