6 thoughts on “Springish iPad Painting

  1. Petra van Berkum

    Nice, the time-laps option is pretty cool!
    I love how your art gives of a cozy and warm feeling, that mouse is so cute and it’s looks so content sitting there!

  2. Anita

    Can you paint in layers on the iPad? I assume you can, from how it looked when you made the background for this one.
    It was really nice to watch this, thanks for posting :)

  3. Christian

    Good stuff Dani! Love to see others’ process. I’m curious how you did the video — is that built into Brushes, or are you using another app?

    I’m beginning to get into drawing on the iPad more… Also curious what your drawing/painting app of choice is (I’m sure you get that question a lot). I’ve been using mostly Sketchbook Pro so far.

    Have a great weekend! Cheers!

    1. Dani Post author

      Yes, it’s built into Brushes. You export the script to your computer, and you can use the desktop app to create a Quicktime movie.

      I use a TON of different apps. My main three right now are probably SBP, Brushes, and Artrage.

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