Super 8 Sketch Card Process

When I’m not busy making children’s books or comics, I like to make sketch cards for fun, often featuring geeky fan art of my favorite TV or movie characters. (You can check out previous cards I’ve made here, here, and here.) I recently made a set of six cards featuring the gang of kids from the movie Super 8, which was my favorite movie of 2011 (probably one of my favorite movies ever actually). Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to show a little process stuff.

Unlike most of my illustration work, these sketch cards that I paint are not digital. They are done with real paint and pencil on real paper. That’s partly why I enjoy making these so much – it’s a great break from my usual process and subject matter. And they’re small – only 2.5″x3.5″ – so they are really quick to make.

I make my sketch cards on Strathmore bristol paper. Normally, I cut up the paper to card size and then paint on it, but for this set I decided to create two sets of three cards that fit together like a puzzle. Therefore, I left the paper intact and just drew the guidelines. Then I drew my sketches with a pencil.


I usually start with the background and work my way forward. The background is usually pretty simple because the cards are so small. I also like to keep the colors very simple for backgrounds; it helps the characters pop. I used transparent washes of watercolor to build up the background.

super8_process02 super8_process03

I then paint the characters, mostly with gouache paint. Gouache is a lot like watercolor, but it’s opaque. This allows me to build on top of the background. I draw in some of the line and details back in with a pencil on top of the gouache.

super8_process04 super8_process05

Here’s the second set:

super8_process06 super8_process07 super8_process08

And the finished cards:

super8_process09 super8_process10

And all done and cut up:


Hope you enjoyed the post and learned stuff. Now go watch Super 8!