Summer of Heroes

I’m going to kick off the summer with a brand new, all-for-fun, sketch project. I’m calling it the Summer of Heroes. If you are familiar with the Monster-a-Day project I did last Halloween, this will be similar.

Starting this week and for the rest of the summer, I’m going to create a series of sketch cards depicting my favorite heroes from pop culture. Think Superman, Buffy Summers, and Luke Skywalker. The art will be posted here at the top of this post as I finish them. Check back often to keep track of the progress.

As part of the fun, I will be creating these all on my Ustream show, where you can chat with me in real-time and discuss art, movies, and TV with me while I am drawing. Go here to watch the show and look at the schedule.

Watch the Show:
Buy the art:

Here are the finer details:

About the Art

  • Each painting will be 2.5″x3.5″ and rendered with ink and watercolor.

  • Each card will feature one heroic character of my choosing. (I’d love to hear your suggestions/ideas about subject matter – leave a comment on this post and tell me your own favorite heroes.)

  • Schedule

  • The Summer of Heroes will take place every Wednesday and Friday in July and August on my Ustream show. Broadcasts will start at 10 AM ET, and generally run for about an hour.

  • Contests and Giveaways

  • Every Friday, I will give away one sketch to a viewer in the chat room. Please read the info on the show page for my rules about contests and giveaways.

  • Sale

  • The cards will be made available for sale for $15 each.

  • After the show, I will post new cards to my store here:

  • You can also “claim” cards at the live Ustream show as I am painting them. The first person to speak up gets it. Please note that my regular live claim discounts will not apply. I will gather your name and email address and email an invoice immediately after the show. Customer must pay within 24 hours, or the card will go back up for sale to the public.

  • Cards cannot be claimed in advance of the Ustream show, except for commissioned pieces (see below). In other words, you can’t email me and say, “If you draw a Buffy card, I’ll buy it.” You must come to the Ustream show and claim it when you see me drawing the specific card you want.

  • Commissions

    All commission slots are taken. Thanks! You are still welcome to order a regular commission outside of the Summer of Heroes project. Details here.

    I will open up a limited number of slots for commissioned heroes. Here are the rules:

    • There are only six slots for custom commissions. First come, first served. All other cards I make will be subjects of my own choosing.

    • Each commission is $15 and must be paid in advance. All payment is done through PayPal, which accepts credit cards.

    • Limit two requests per customer. Anything more will be drawn after the Summer of Heroes project is completed, and regular prices will apply.

    • The subject must be some kind of hero/protagonist/good character. Limit one character per card. Customer may choose whomever they wish, as long as it isn’t offensive, excessively violent, political, or religious. I reserve the right to refuse any subject for any reason.

    • I’ll draw any commission requests I receive on August 4, 11, or 18. I will only draw a max of two per show, which means after August 4, only four slots will be left despite if there were more openings available before or not. After August 11, only two slots will be left. All heroes commissions will be closed after August 18, whether or not I fill the slots.

    • If all six slots get filled, time runs up, or you want different subject matter you may still request a commission. However, please note that it will be drawn after the Summer of Heroes project in completed, and regular prices will apply.

    • To request a commission, use the following form. If you have additional questions or details you want me to know, please write it in the “Add special instructions to the seller” box during checkout or email me at

    Other Sales and Commissions

  • If you are interested in other art besides the Summer of Heroes sketch cards, I also post miscellaneous drawings, paintings, and prints in my store in a wider range of subject matter.

  • Regular commissions are also open, but will be put on hold until after this project is over. Go here for my guidelines and regular pricing.

  • Whether you’re buying art or just watching the progress, I hope you like the Summer of Heroes. It is sure to make MY summer very fun indeed. Enjoy!