Illustrating a Children’s Story, Part 4

Three Pigs Part 4

Here is the latest work behind the Three Little Pigs project. Sketches are close to done, and I’m starting to think about how the book is going to be put together.

Here are the previous posts for this project: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Final(?) Sketches

I reworked the sketches a tiny bit and added some value. I am just about ready to go into the final paintings. Click on the image to see it larger.

3pigsvalue1 3pigsvalue2 3pigsvalue3 3pigsvalue4 3pigsvalue5

I also created a rough sketch for the cover. Here’s what I’m thinking for the front and back of the booklet.

3pigscoversketch 3pigsbacksketch


I physically assembled the booklet to get a general feel for what the final product is going to be like. I decided on a size of 5″x7″ so that it will fit on a normal size sheet of paper and will be easy to mail.

First, I printed out the spreads. For the eight pages, I used two sheets of paper, printed front and back. The front and back cover was printed together on another sheet. The pages are in a weird order because the booklet it going to be “saddle-stitched” together, meaning I am folding the pieces of paper in half and stapling them together in the middle. It can be a pain to figure out, but I like how clean and professional the result looks – much better than just putting staples along the side.

3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch

Here is the final product, stapled and cut.

3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch 3pigsbacksketch

Again, if you have feedback, I would love to hear it. I am about to go into final color and painting, so now would be the time to make any major changes. Are the values working or do you see some areas where it could be pushed further, or is not clear? Do you like the simple cover concept or would you prefer something more bold? Do you have any preliminary thoughts about the color direction?

Thanks for all the feedback I’ve received so far! I’m really pleased with the progress this project has made. Now, I’m off to paint… Yeah!