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This is an addendum to my previous post, 75 Artists You Must Know and Where to Find Them.

I received lots and lots of additional suggestions (thank you all!) and I keep hitting myself for missing so many great artists. Some artists were obvious choices that just completely slipped my mind, and others were people that I had not even heard of! I loved going through the links; making the first list was a ton of fun in itself, but going through all your suggestions was probably even more so because I got to explore and discover art outside of my own limited tastes and knowledge.

There were two major concerns that cropped up in regards to my list:

In addition to these ladies, I would also like to add the following artists to my list. These are all artists that I would have included originally (if I hadn’t been so dumb and forgotten them), and I think deserve equal recognition as the others.

So, that puts my entire list at a round 100. Of course, there are many many more; after I made the first post, it didn’t take me long before I had a nice long list of additional artists, and I had to cut quite a few to keep it at a reasonable number. I have to end it somewhere, though. So, this ends my illustration survey for the time being, but I’ll let the discussion continue in the comments.

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  1. Jules

    Your list is quite wonderful and there are some names I mysel am not familiar with, which is always a good thing. I still think there are some artists you have not mentioned who have impacted the way the very business of art and illustration has gone. Donato Giancola is a modern day oil oil master, merging principles of abstraction, romanticized figures and fantasy into beautiful paintings. Dan Dos Santos was actually his first studio assistant. Brian Froud gave us fairies and Dark Crystal. Alan Lee and John Howe along with the Hildebrandt brothers have singlehandedly made the Lord of the Rings a visual realization for generations of fans. Jack Kirby is the father of almost all of Marvel Comics iconic characters. my list goes on, but these are just the few bigger names who deserve a place in any top list of artists.

  2. Kristin

    Awesome lists. I remember a lot of the names from my history of illustration class, but I don’t have them all in one place and there are a fair number i haven’t heard of before. I’ve got to do some research. =) Here are some non-US and female artists that I’d recommend looking at:

    Kate Greenaway–very very popular children’s book author/illustrator from Victorian England. You can download her illustrated books in full for free at Project Gutenberg’s website. The Kate Greenaway medal is awarded annually to illustrated children’s books published in England. Greenaway was a contemporary of Beatrix Potter and Randolph Caldecott.
    Randolph Caldecott–English illustrator (whose work I’m not terribly familiar with, unfortunately) from the Victorian era who gave his name to a well-known children’s book award.
    Yuko Shimizu–Japanese illustrator who now lives and works in the US. Some art definitely not appropriate for children, but it’s mostly sectioned off on her site. Yuko is a prime example of someone who started as an illustrator later in life (she had already gotten a degree in business, I believe, before going to art school) and who does awesome work.

    oh yeah, and Guy Billout’s name is pronounced “GEE bee-YOO” with the G sounding like the G in “golly.” In case you wanted to know. =D

  3. Eric

    Dani, there are a lot of illustrators that have influenced me since I was very young. Two in particular are Moebius and Danilel Torres. Both are European illustrators. I first saw their comic art in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine back in the eighties. I’ll look up more illustrators, later. In the mean time, here’s some links:

    This should tell just about everything about him.
    His biography.

    Daniel Torres

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