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This is an addendum to my previous post, 75 Artists You Must Know and Where to Find Them.

I received lots and lots of additional suggestions (thank you all!) and I keep hitting myself for missing so many great artists. Some artists were obvious choices that just completely slipped my mind, and others were people that I had not even heard of! I loved going through the links; making the first list was a ton of fun in itself, but going through all your suggestions was probably even more so because I got to explore and discover art outside of my own limited tastes and knowledge.

There were two major concerns that cropped up in regards to my list:

In addition to these ladies, I would also like to add the following artists to my list. These are all artists that I would have included originally (if I hadn’t been so dumb and forgotten them), and I think deserve equal recognition as the others.

So, that puts my entire list at a round 100. Of course, there are many many more; after I made the first post, it didn’t take me long before I had a nice long list of additional artists, and I had to cut quite a few to keep it at a reasonable number. I have to end it somewhere, though. So, this ends my illustration survey for the time being, but I’ll let the discussion continue in the comments.

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