My Favorite Art Blogs for 2008


As I noted earlier, Dan over at just put together a collection of his favorite blogs for 2008, and he is also encouraging bloggers to put together a list of their own. I’m happy to oblige.

A reminder…

I already made a list a few months ago in another post, so rather than reiterate it, I’ll just encourage you to take another look to refresh your memory (see How to Make a Sketch Blog People Will Actually Enjoy). All of those blogs are still going strong. If I were to pick one or two to repeat for extra emphasis, I would say to visit Tom’s MAD Blog ( and A Girl Who Creates (, because they have consistently been in my top favorites ever since I’ve started reading blogs.

I will also second Dan’s opinion of the unbelievably great Lines and Colors ( I think that blog is in a league of its own.

A couple more links…

Gurney Journey ( – from Dinotopia illustrator James Gurney. He makes numerous behind-the-scenes posts, including lessons about his extensive process and various painting techniques.

Tony DiTerlizzi ( – I got to see this guy’s work face-to-face at an exhibit he had at the Eric Carle Museum in Massachusetts. Great stuff. This will be a great blog to keep up with in 2008 because his famous Spiderwick Chronicles is going to be released as a movie later this year.

And finally…

If my previous praise and promptings haven’t been enough, go and visit Empty Easel ( already! It’s good to know there’s an art blogger out there who is dedicated to quality and consistency as much as Dan is — so take a minute and check it out.

Have a few favorite blogs of your own? Let us know at