How to Make a Sketch Blog People Will Actually Enjoy


An art blog should showcase your work and keep people excited about it. Is it working? Or are you just boring everyone? To keep things fresh and interesting on my own sketch blog, I try to take a moment once in awhile to evaluate a few things.

Here’s a few guidelines I’ve come up with, so have them in mind before you put up your next post.

  • Variety – Some artists post a “painting a day.” Others fill their blogs with Illustration Friday submissions. These are all well and good, but I like blogs that give me something different every now and then, like:

    • sketches
    • paintings
    • news
    • works-in-progress
    • discoveries and experiments

    In other words, keep people from looking at your latest post and saying, “Haven’t I seen this before?”

  • Exclusive content – Make a few posts with images that you can’t find anywhere else on the web. Try not to fill your blog with old artwork or “double-post” stuff from somewhere else. Maybe it’s your latest illustration that you haven’t put on your portfolio site yet. Or behind-the-scenes sketches from one of your paintings. This is where blogs shine, and it will keep people interested enough to keep coming back.

  • Quality – Just. Post. Great. Artwork. Period. Nothing works better to gain loyal readers.

  • Regular updates – Even if it’s just once a week, try to keep the posts coming. Otherwise, your blog will slowly fade away to the Abyss of Unloved Sketch Blogs.

  • No cats – At least, not a lot of them (I do like a cute kitten every now and then). But if your blog contains more photos of your pets and family vacations than artwork, take a step back. You want to have a personal touch, but the main purpose of your blog is to showcase your artwork, so use it for that purpose.

  • Easy on the keyboard – If you are running an art blog, your readers are most likely visual people. If they see a page full of text containing your rant about The Current Status of the Modern Art World, their eyes will probably just glaze over.

You probably didn’t know that running a blog was going to be this DIFFICULT, did you? I myself fail at my own advice sometimes. Just realize that these are just guidelines. All that really matters is that you continue to make good artwork, and remember to give your blog some attention every now and then.

I took a look at my own RSS reader and found these nice blogs that exemplify some or all of the qualities above. Give them a look!

And this is my sketch blog:

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